Easy and Effective 3D Printed Ninja Door Lock for kids

Easy and Effective 3D Printed Ninja Door Lock for kids

Along with being a 3D printing writer, I’m additionally a childcare provider, and i’m innately attracted to anything that promises to make taking care of children and also keeping them safe easier for care providers. Among the best kids related 3D printed items are such things as toys and superhero figurines, and that’s all really good. 3D printing brings about the kid in all of us – in several ways. But what about the much less exciting things that individuals use to produce safe environments?

In the event that you’ve put in any time around children, especially small children which wish to run and also maneuver around, you know how fast they are able to move. And you’ll know how functional a door lock is if you’ve ever been within the unfortunate situation of taking care of a young child and all of a sudden not being able to locate them in the home! It’s a distressing feeling because, if you just turn your back for just one second, a child can move quickly to a different area of the room or even house- and you’re left picturing the worst!

In relation to keeping doors shut, 3D designer “bslayton,” or Ben Slayton of Nashville, Tennessee, has been doing us all a favor and proceeded to go forward and created a very easy and also sensible “Ninja Lock” or even Indoor Child Door Lock which slips over the door, placing the device on top of the door frame. And even better, the designer has included a built-in system to ensure that little fingers can’t get slammed within the doorway.

“If you’ve got children, chances are they are ninjas just like mine,” Slayton explains. “These tiny ninjas can get in to anything and everything (which includes taking a sharpie to your white kitchen cupboards). I designed this device that slips over the door (preferably close to the top) and locks the door within the door frame to ensure that we can stop our little ninjas in their tracks. Additionally, it has a built in mechanism to avoid smashed fingers.”

Things I like relating to this design would it be can hold a door cracked open with a width that youngsters can’t fit through. So, for example, you cat could still get through the door, however your toddler couldn’t, which is actually a really practical feature. Is it really that simple to help keep kids out of particular rooms? Wow!

This great device is printed with ABS, using 40% at a resolution of 0.30. You need to rotate it 90° on X axis so that it lays flat, also it prints without supports at an extruder temperature of 230° C, a bed temperature of 110° C without support or perhaps rafts.

Designer Ben Slayton has already tested the device out on his 2- and 3-year-olds, which is nearly as good of a test as any!

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